Beautiful and Simple DIY Winter Ornaments

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Winter is a special season for many people when they can spend their holiday with their family together. Special occasions also happen during winter that is why it is a special season. It is Christmas!

Christmas will always be a special occasion for everyone who celebrates it. Lots of preparation will be done to make this occasion perfectly beautiful. Matching clothes, cooking delicious food, and decorating are some preparations that everyone will be busy on. Decorating will be lots of joy and special if you can create your winter ornaments.

Some Diy Winter Ornaments

Instead of buying new winter ornaments every year, you can utilize unused things around the house. Here some winter ornaments that can be made by yourself at home to complete your winter decoration.

  1. Ice ornaments

Ice ornament is one popular ornament that people already tried. This ornament is easily made. You just need to prepare any unused small container, fresh/dried flowers, and leaves.

First, you need to knot a string and place it in the container with greeneries and flowers you already prepared. Pour boiled water carefully into the container and let it freeze. Pop it out of the container and the ice ornament is ready to decorate.

  1. Icicle Branch

This simple DIY ornament is very easy to make. You just need natural branches of any size and shape, just anything you like. Cover the branches with glue and decorate them with a white sprinkle to give an icy effect to the branch. You can also add tiny white Christmas tree lights so the icicle branch will be lightning during the night.

  1. Snowflake Garland

Bring wintry touch at home with creating your snowflake garland will give a cold winter vibe yet warmth. You can use craft sticks instead of paper to make your snowflakes more solid. Shape the craft sticks as a snowflake you like. Do not forget to spray it with white spray paint to make it as white as the real snow. You can also add some glitter to make it glittery.

  1. Adorable winter candle holder

Light the candle during wintertime is a must because it brings warm and cozy vibes. You can create your own cozy winter candle holder using an unused jar. Add some ribbons, a sprig of evergreen, and jute twine. With those kinds of stuff, the jar will be very cozy and you can just put the candle inside.

  1. Winter Twig Wreath

Another winter ornament that must-have is a wreath. You can create your wreath instead of buying one. Find some dried twigs and grapevine in the yard and use them to make your wreath. First, you need to shape the grapevine into a circle and stick some short twigs around.

You can add some small pinecones as a decoration for your wreath. Moreover, add some greenery on the top of the wreath to make it more beautiful. Do not forget to add ribbon as well. Your beautiful winter twigs wreath is ready to hang on your door!

  1. Winter trees

The ultimate decoration that must be there for Christmas is, of course, the Christmas tree! To make it more memorable, you can create your own Christmas tree with your children using paper. You can put these small Christmas trees on the table as winter decorations.

All you have to do is prepare the paper and draw a tree pattern. Then you need to cut the paper along the pattern. You can also make the one that can stand, so you can stand it on the table. Then you can decorate the Christmas trees with color, sprinkle, or maybe some beads.