How to Prepare Your Dog for Your Newborn Baby

Pregnancy marks any period of changes in family life, but for dogs, these changes can leave your pet stressed, disoriented, or even traumatized. If you want your family to remain as a whole, including your dog, before and after the baby’s arrival, you need to do a few key things to ensure a smooth transition for a dog to adapt well.

Train Your Dog Seriously, Now

Don’t expect a misbehaving dog to change overnight. If your dog is not well trained when pregnant, it may be too late to train him properly. The lesson here is to train your puppy before planning a family.

Make the Dog Your Nursery Assistant

When you’re setting up the new nursery, let your dog watch or even help you with it (if possible). Try to adjust the nursery with new paint, wall, new furniture, or might be even the new shiba inu plush (toy for your kids). Changing the environment by involving the dog will help to create comfort for the dog in the new condition.

Try New Routines

In order to promote the dog’s new life and schedule, it is recommended to reduce the attention focus on the puppy and reducing extra walks with your puppy. This will minimize the impact of arrangements after the baby arrives. You need to groom your puppy after being petted and bathed so that it will lessen the fondness of it when the baby arrives.

Prepare New Feelings for Them

Get them used to things related to babies. You have to prepare the dog for the loud noise of the baby, it is possible by playing the recording of the baby’s cry at a low volume and give the dog something to eat. This technique can help your dog become familiar with new sounds and reassure him that these noises are a good thing.

Arrival Introduction

When the baby is home, first let the dog smell the mother’s hand with the baby’s scent. This will allow gradual introduction and help the dog understand that the mother who can interact the most with the baby is the person in charge. Then bring the baby blanket and your baby’s shiba inu plush into the room and let the dog smell it. Be sure to keep quiet, because you don’t want to distract him when he sniffs. After completing these steps, you can start a formal demonstration. Make sure you bring the dog to the baby instead of bringing the baby to the dog to control the situation. You have to make sure the dog knows that you are in control and you have to obey.

Don’t Stop Warning Signs, Watch For Them

You don’t want the dog to associate negativity or punishment with being around the baby. If a dog and a baby growl in the same room, take the baby out of the room, not the dog. If you punish a dog, you’re not necessarily teaching him that aggression is improper, you are teaching him that these warning signs are improper, noting that the dog might be scared. Penalty warning signs can make them go away in the future, meaning the next time, the dog may just bite. However, if your dog shows aggressive behavior towards your baby, keep the dog away from the baby and seek the help of an expert in animal behavior.

How Fast Can You Expect A VPN To Be

The need for an internet connection is now becoming larger and larger. Almost all people in every corner of the world use internet connection to surf online and to connect with each other. However, the more people using the internet, so the more risky the connection is. Browsing through an internet connection will leave a trace that can easily be seen by snoopers or hackers, and this is why VPN is needed.

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. As the name indicates, it is a private connection that lets you secure everything you visit on the internet. Imagine a line where people use this line as a connection, and you have your own line to securely connect to the internet. VPN is considered as the safest way possible to connect through the internet.

However, this security of connection also comes with a price. It sacrifices the speed of the internet itself. Many consider that using VPN will decrease data transfer that will make your internet a little bit sluggish. So, is a VPN worth it?

What Causes VPN Affect Your Internet Speed

The sluggishness caused by VPN is called latency. It is normal because VPN will create a step that is non-present before a normal internet connection. This step is called the encryption process. This is what makes VPN connection is more secure rather than a normal connection.

Luckily, the latency that caused the internet to slow down is mitigated if the user uses the premium VPN. Premium VPN can even speed up the internet connection incidentally because of several unexpected reasons. But, before going deeper, let’s talk about some reason that makes VPN slow your internet down.

  • Distance

The distance between your location and the VPN server will decrease the speed of your connection. The distance will make the data transfer between two locations slower or faster. So, aside from your need to connect to a particular VPN, it is recommended to connect through the nearest VPN server if possible.

  • Server Overload

Even a website can go down if there are too many visitors comes of a sudden. This is also applied to a VPN server. If the server overload, so there is only a minimum blank space for your to enjoy the connection. There is also a possibility when you get kicked out of a server if the server is overload.

  • Encryption Quality

The quality of the encryption will determine how fast your internet connection will be. The encryption itself is the core function of the VPN connection. It lets you create a secure connection between you and the internet world. The quality of encryption if handled poorly, there is a slight chance that your internet connection will decrease a lot. If the encryption is handled well, the internet will be normal, or even faster than it should be. So, it is recommended to use the VPN from the best VPN service provider to prevent sluggishness while surfing with a VPN.

Well, those are some reasons that cause VPN connection slower. So what do you think? Is a VPN worth it?

The List of 25 Tips to Have Safety Travel

Travelling might be the first thing everyone does once this pandemic is over. We still can travel to some countries by following some requirements from CDC. But, for the sake of everyone’s goodness, it will be better to postpone it until everything is much better.

When that time comes, there are some tips we should remember to have a safe and great traveling experience. Let’s face the truth that bad things happen sometimes, even though we already do our best to prepare it well.

25 Tips To Have Safety Travel

The list of best tips information below is done by a travel expert who has been traveling for more than 10 years all around the world.

  1. Pay attention and study how common travel scams usually deceit travelers.
  2. Take note of some emergency info so that when bad things happen, you know exactly who to call.
  3. Keep checking The State Department website to get to know the newest news.
  4. Pay attention to your belongings, especially the expensive ones. Make sure to put them in the right and safe place in your bag or pocket.
  5. Travel insurance could be the best guarantee during your traveling, just in case if something happens. Especially during this pandemic, travel insurance is a must.
  6. Get help from locals will help you a lot to know about the new places you visit.
  7. Register yourself to your Embassy is another smart tip for the traveler to do so that the local embassy will help you immediately if something bad happens to you.
  8. Make sure that your family or trusted friends know about your traveling plan. That way is giving them information about what you will do during the traveling.
  9. Don’t talk too much with strangers because you never know if they are really good or having another plan to trick you.
  10. Never do stupid things just for photos.
  11. Make sure you have spared your budget during the travel.
  12. Choose proper clothes while traveling so that you won’t look like a “very visitor” to avoid getting attention from the wrong kind of people.
  13. Tether your bag to your leg or waist will make it safer to prevent robbery.
  14. Mastering basic self-defense will make you able to protect yourself.
  15. Stay alert, head up and aware of the surrounding will not make you an easy target for attackers because you look confident.
  16. Tell your back where will you go so that there will not be a problem when you take your money from different places during your travel.
  17. Keep hiding emergency cash for safety.
  18. Prepare an emergency food and drink.
  19. Spend your money wisely.
  20. Don’t use your back pocket!
  21. Try to get new friends even when you are traveling alone because it is safer to travel in a group.
  22. Never forget the first aid kit!
  23. Don’t’ get drunk or you will lose your awareness.
  24. Believe your instincts!
  25. Prefer choosing safe places to visit, especially for women to minimize problems that might happen.

The Reasons Why Safeguard Training in Swimming is Important

Swimming is a really fun activity that most children like to do, especially during summer. However, this fun activity might be dangerous for children if they can not swim. Parents must be paying attention while letting their kids play in the water.

There are lots of possible accident happen to the kid or even adults when they are swimming. Not enough warm-up might lead to body cramping, the kid is sinking because parents are not around and other accidents could happen around the pool. That is the reason why safeguard training is needed to prevent those accidents happen while swimming.

The Importance Of Safeguard Training In Swimming

Swimming is fun and has lots of benefits to your health but it is also dangerous at the same time. Lots of parents nowadays are already aware of the importance of swimming for their kids. Being able to swim and know how to prevent water accident is one of the lifeguards you must learn.

If you are still unaware of the importance of safeguard training in swimming, here is the list of its benefit.

  1. Know how to swim

Toddlers and weak swimmers are the most possible person to down into the water without any assistance. Drowning may lead someone to death and that already happened a lot. That is why the first important thing to prevent water accidents is being able to swim.

By joining safeguard training, you will be able to swim and at least make yourself save while swimming. Students in safeguard training will be taught the most basic things such as how to enter the water safely, get a breath, stay floating on the surface of the water, and change position. When students are already able to do basic swim, they will be taught how to swim a distance and how to get out of the water safely.

  1. Know some water protections

While doing activity in the pool or beach, you usually find out some water protection to make sure the safety of the swimmers. In this training, students will also be taught some water protections such as barriers or fences to prevent across to water and floats. A fence or barrier is a must to place around the pool, especially when there are toddler swimmers to prevent them from the water when parents are not around.

Floats are definitely for fun only, but also for toddlers and weak swimmers to prevent them from drowning. There are also some other water protections such as life jackets and how to supervise children while swimming to prevent them from drowning.

  1. Know how to do water emergency

Another thing that students will have during safeguard training is how to do some basic water emergencies. There are some technics for safeguard to help someone drowning in the pool. Those technics will be taught during the training.

This training also aims for students to be able to sense something unusual happens among the swimmers. If someone drowns in the water and needs CPR, safeguard is already taught to do so. Do not let anyone gets harm while it must be fun doing water activity.

Beautiful and Simple DIY Winter Ornaments

Winter is a special season for many people when they can spend their holiday with their family together. Special occasions also happen during winter that is why it is a special season. It is Christmas!

Christmas will always be a special occasion for everyone who celebrates it. Lots of preparation will be done to make this occasion perfectly beautiful. Matching clothes, cooking delicious food, and decorating are some preparations that everyone will be busy on. Decorating will be lots of joy and special if you can create your winter ornaments.

Some Diy Winter Ornaments

Instead of buying new winter ornaments every year, you can utilize unused things around the house. Here some winter ornaments that can be made by yourself at home to complete your winter decoration.

  1. Ice ornaments

Ice ornament is one popular ornament that people already tried. This ornament is easily made. You just need to prepare any unused small container, fresh/dried flowers, and leaves.

First, you need to knot a string and place it in the container with greeneries and flowers you already prepared. Pour boiled water carefully into the container and let it freeze. Pop it out of the container and the ice ornament is ready to decorate.

  1. Icicle Branch

This simple DIY ornament is very easy to make. You just need natural branches of any size and shape, just anything you like. Cover the branches with glue and decorate them with a white sprinkle to give an icy effect to the branch. You can also add tiny white Christmas tree lights so the icicle branch will be lightning during the night.

  1. Snowflake Garland

Bring wintry touch at home with creating your snowflake garland will give a cold winter vibe yet warmth. You can use craft sticks instead of paper to make your snowflakes more solid. Shape the craft sticks as a snowflake you like. Do not forget to spray it with white spray paint to make it as white as the real snow. You can also add some glitter to make it glittery.

  1. Adorable winter candle holder

Light the candle during wintertime is a must because it brings warm and cozy vibes. You can create your own cozy winter candle holder using an unused jar. Add some ribbons, a sprig of evergreen, and jute twine. With those kinds of stuff, the jar will be very cozy and you can just put the candle inside.

  1. Winter Twig Wreath

Another winter ornament that must-have is a wreath. You can create your wreath instead of buying one. Find some dried twigs and grapevine in the yard and use them to make your wreath. First, you need to shape the grapevine into a circle and stick some short twigs around.

You can add some small pinecones as a decoration for your wreath. Moreover, add some greenery on the top of the wreath to make it more beautiful. Do not forget to add ribbon as well. Your beautiful winter twigs wreath is ready to hang on your door!

  1. Winter trees

The ultimate decoration that must be there for Christmas is, of course, the Christmas tree! To make it more memorable, you can create your own Christmas tree with your children using paper. You can put these small Christmas trees on the table as winter decorations.

All you have to do is prepare the paper and draw a tree pattern. Then you need to cut the paper along the pattern. You can also make the one that can stand, so you can stand it on the table. Then you can decorate the Christmas trees with color, sprinkle, or maybe some beads.

Traveling Tips from 10 Year of Experience Traveller

Do you like to challenge yourself to visit new places? It is always surprising how amazing things we can find during traveling. New places, new people, new language, new habits, new culture, everything is new and it never stops surprising us. Get out of our comfort zone is indeed making us anxious but we will never know what waits for us unless we try it.

Many people may think that traveling might be so dangerous because those unexpected things might happen. But is not it the value of traveling? If we prepare well and be careful during the trip, hopefully, everything will be under control.

Traveling Tips Of 10 Year Experience

Being a tourist in a new place might feel so anxious yet exciting. To prevent those kinds of unexpected things, we should prepare everything. Here are some tips for the traveler who wants to travel all around the world from a travel expert who has been experiencing 10 years of experience.

  1. Tips to Make Traveling Fun and Easy
  • Be Patience

Patience is the key to make traveling fun and easy because we know that something may happen beyond our expectations. No matter how perfect the preparation is, but sometimes things happen out of control. Take an example if you miss your bus or it is a downpour when you already prepare everything to camp outside.

That such thing may happen and all we have to do is calm down. Just let things happen and keep relax. Whatever is it, there must be a way to solve those problems. The problem will only get worse when we are panic. So just take a deep breath and calm down.

  • Enjoy the magic of dawn

Tourism is usually a crowded place during the day, especially when it is a holiday. Try something new by waking up before the sunrise to avoid the crowds. You will be surprised to see something you may find out during that time.

The magical time before the sunrise presents you calmness and beauty that only you could not find at another time. Enjoy the silence of nature while everyone is sleeping.

  • Look around closer

Meaningful traveling is about getting important values from new places and people. Slow down your mind and take your time to sit down and enjoy the surrounding. You may sit on the side of the road, watching and paying close attention to the details around you.

Look closer at the colors, the smell, the sound, and how people interact with each other. You will be surprised at how things go around you all this time but you never noticed before.

  1. Tips to Plan the Trip Well
  • Learn some foreign words

You do not need to be a language expert to be able to travel to another country. However, there are some words in the local language that can improve your travel experience. For instance; thank you, sorry, please, nice to meet you, hello, excuse me, those are necessary words that you need to learn.

That way, it will give you more opportunities to be closer with locals because it must be frustrating to not be able to communicate. That is true that you could use body language, but it will be better if you understand some simple local words.

  • Prepare the backup cards and cash

Having only one card during the trip is a disaster. No one is expecting to get a problem such as cards stolen, card get frozen or card gets eaten by ATM. It is better prepared than sorry. Always have the backup cards with you while traveling.

You need to put it somewhere else besides your wallet. Just in case if someone steals your wallet, you still have the backup cards. It is not only cards but also cash. Let’s say that you travel somewhere that does not provide you with ATM, you already have your cash!

  • Be flexible yet don’t over plan

Being strict and stick to the plan sometimes give you more pressure. If you enjoy and have something to learn in that place, you can stay a little bit longer there. Open your mind and be flexible to learn something new and beneficial for you, yet don’t over plan.

List of 25 Fun Activities to Do at Home During Summer

These last two years are a hard time for everyone because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Everyone must stay at home to prevent the spreading of the virus. Most activities are done at homes such as work and study. Outdoor activities such as playing at the playground, strolling around the street, and hanging out together with friends at the cafes are very limited for everyone.

This condition is really hard for adults to stay all day long for, no one knows when this will be over. Kids face even harder problems than adults because they tend to like playing outside to spend their energy. This must be very challenging for parents to keep their kids fun while staying home for such a long time, especially during this summer break.

25 Fun Activities To Do At Home During Summer

Here is a list of fun activities that could be done at home to spend during the summer break.

  1. Do exercise- Exercise is a must-to-do- activity to keep the body healthy.
  2. Build a cardboard house- Take out the unused cardboard and make something cool. You can build a cardboard house or maybe other shapes like a car, boat, etc for your kid.
  3. Do paper crafting- Make something funny and cool using origami paper and decorate it!
  4. Coloring- Coloring will never be boring. Be creative to create new beautiful colors.
  5. Play flashcards- Playing flashcards is fun, besides it will enrich vocabulary skills for your kid.
  6. Hide and seek- To spend kid energy, you can ask them to play hide and seek around the house. Giving rewards and punishment will make the game more fun.
  7. Build a camp on the yard- Summer is not perfect without camping. Build a small tent in the yard and you can stay all night there with your kid.
  8. Baking- Ask your kid to bake their favorite cake or cookie with you. They can learn some ingredients for the cake and find out how the cake is made.
  9. Read books- Make reading books a habit for your kid. Besides improving their reading skill, reading also will enrich their knowledge.
  10. Movie time- Spend your free time watching your kid’s favorite movie.
  11. Dance and sing- Family time will be perfect with sing and dance.
  12. Whispering game- Let’s see if they could do it well!
  13. Cooking their favorite meals with you.
  14. Be a scientist- Simple experiment of vinegar concoction will amaze them.
  15. Jumping rope is a kid’s favorite!
  16. Be a pirate and find the hidden treasure.
  17. Fashion show to see their style.
  18. Painting and mixing colors are fun.
  19. Create a story and draw their comic!
  20. Puzzle time!
  21. Swimming will drain their energy and it’s healthy!
  22. A sensory box with lots of different things will be so challenging.
  23. Reusable bottle crafting to make something more useful.
  24. Gardening will let them know the importance of nature.
  25. Raise a pet will teach them about loving other creatures and responsibility.

Some Saving Money Tips for Students

When it comes to education, it means that students need lots of money to spend. Especially when they are already in the University in one of the big cities. Big cities usually have a high cost of living and so do Universities.

Students need to pay expensive tuition and lots of books to support their studies. Even though the cost of living depends on the person, some cities are still expensive. Those reasons are enough for students to be careful about spending their money. Especially for those who still get “just enough allowance” from their parents.

Tips Of Saving Money For Students

There are thousands of opportunities to spend student loans or your hard-earned income while you are studying at university. Managing your money wisely will help your life during university life. Surely, you don’t want to have debt by the end of your study, right? So, doing some changes will save you from wasting money for nothing over time. Here are some tips for you to spend your money including student loans wisely.

  1. Stop buying unnecessary things

The first warning for you while spending your money in university is to stop buying the newest model of clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, and anything unnecessary. If you still have enough proper clothes for each season, stop buying more of them. it is not just wasting money for nothing but also storing up unnecessary things for your closet. You will have no more room in your closet, so stop buying unimportant stuff.

  1. Track the spending

Most of the time, you lose counting while shopping and just take everything you think, you need or you want. When it comes to the payment, you will get shocked because it is more than your budget. As a result, your spending will be more than your income. That is such a sad and pathetic story.

For avoiding that kind of sad story, it is time for you to track every spending money you do. No matter how little the amount of money you spend, write it down so that you can see how much money you already spend every single day. This tip will also allow you to monitor how much money you can spend tomorrow and you can know the exact amount of money left in your pocket.

  1. Cook by yourself

Food is another biggest monthly expense besides rent. Instead of eating out all the time, that will be the best way for you to get healthier and cheaper food by cooking by yourself. Cooking by yourself is a smart way to decrease your monthly expense. Besides, you can improve your cooking skill and get healthier food than eating out all the time every day.

  1. Student loans are debt

Some researchers revealed that more than half of students up to 35 years old who had student loans do not consider the loan as a debt. The more you use your student loans during the study, that would be the amount you have to pay once you can do so.

Tips and The Recipe of Cold Potato Salad

Who does not love potatoes?! Potato is one of the vegetables that can be cooked to be lots of dishes. One of the most popular dishes made from potatoes is French fries that become the main dish in many popular restaurants. Besides, it also contains lots of beneficial substances for our body.

Potatoes contain high-quality protein that our body needs. It also has vitamins, minerals, potassium and vitamin C. No wonder why lots of people like to make a delicious meal from potatoes. Here is one of the best dishes from potatoes you can try at home.

Tips To Make The Best Potato Salad

  1. Pick the best main ingredient

Make sure to choose the best potato to make a good potato salad. There are lots of variety of potatoes you may choose such as Fingerling, New Potatoes and Yukon Gold. Make sure to choose the variety of potatoes that is best for you.

  1. Season the water

Seasoning the water will make your potatoes taste like an ocean. Lots of flavours will come from this step. It will give a rich flavour to the core of your potatoes because the salt water helps to flavour the potatoes.

  1. Cook the potato from cold water

Don’t put your potatoes into the pot while the water is already boiling. That will make your potato uncooked. Instead, put the potatoes into the pot while the water is still cold. That way will make the potatoes cooked completely.

  1. Dress while it is warm

The best food dressing is done while it is warm. If you like to dress your meal, do it while it is still warm to make sure that your meal will absorb the topping you add completely.

How To Make Cold Potato Salad

Cold potato salad is one of the best dishes to have along died with Barbeque. Especially during the hot day in the summer season, this dish will make your day perfect. Here are the ingredients you should prepare.


  • 6-8 large potatoes
  • 12 teaspoon salt
  • Mayo or Miracle Whip
  • 2 tablespoons Dijon Mustard
  • Chopped fresh chives -optional-


  1. Do not need to peel the potatoes, just directly wash and cut them into bite-size pieces.
  2. Pour water into a pan and boil the potatoes until soft. Then drain it and let it cool.
  3. Add a half teaspoon salt and Miracle Whip. If you like whip cream that much, you can add more, but if you do not like it, just add a bit.
  4. Add Dijon Mustard, the ultimate ingredient, and mix it well. Add to your liking.
  5. Add the chopped fresh chives as a topping or you can mix it as well.
  6. Let it cool, serve and enjoy your cold potato salad!

Those are some simple steps to make your cold potato salad. This dish is perfect for your summer and beyond. Potato salad is more than just food because it brings beautiful old memories for some people. Now, you can cook a memorable dish that reminds you of the warmth of your family.