List of 25 Fun Activities to Do at Home During Summer

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These last two years are a hard time for everyone because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Everyone must stay at home to prevent the spreading of the virus. Most activities are done at homes such as work and study. Outdoor activities such as playing at the playground, strolling around the street, and hanging out together with friends at the cafes are very limited for everyone.

This condition is really hard for adults to stay all day long for, no one knows when this will be over. Kids face even harder problems than adults because they tend to like playing outside to spend their energy. This must be very challenging for parents to keep their kids fun while staying home for such a long time, especially during this summer break.

25 Fun Activities To Do At Home During Summer

Here is a list of fun activities that could be done at home to spend during the summer break.

  1. Do exercise- Exercise is a must-to-do- activity to keep the body healthy.
  2. Build a cardboard house- Take out the unused cardboard and make something cool. You can build a cardboard house or maybe other shapes like a car, boat, etc for your kid.
  3. Do paper crafting- Make something funny and cool using origami paper and decorate it!
  4. Coloring- Coloring will never be boring. Be creative to create new beautiful colors.
  5. Play flashcards- Playing flashcards is fun, besides it will enrich vocabulary skills for your kid.
  6. Hide and seek- To spend kid energy, you can ask them to play hide and seek around the house. Giving rewards and punishment will make the game more fun.
  7. Build a camp on the yard- Summer is not perfect without camping. Build a small tent in the yard and you can stay all night there with your kid.
  8. Baking- Ask your kid to bake their favorite cake or cookie with you. They can learn some ingredients for the cake and find out how the cake is made.
  9. Read books- Make reading books a habit for your kid. Besides improving their reading skill, reading also will enrich their knowledge.
  10. Movie time- Spend your free time watching your kid’s favorite movie.
  11. Dance and sing- Family time will be perfect with sing and dance.
  12. Whispering game- Let’s see if they could do it well!
  13. Cooking their favorite meals with you.
  14. Be a scientist- Simple experiment of vinegar concoction will amaze them.
  15. Jumping rope is a kid’s favorite!
  16. Be a pirate and find the hidden treasure.
  17. Fashion show to see their style.
  18. Painting and mixing colors are fun.
  19. Create a story and draw their comic!
  20. Puzzle time!
  21. Swimming will drain their energy and it’s healthy!
  22. A sensory box with lots of different things will be so challenging.
  23. Reusable bottle crafting to make something more useful.
  24. Gardening will let them know the importance of nature.
  25. Raise a pet will teach them about loving other creatures and responsibility.