The List of 25 Tips to Have Safety Travel

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Travelling might be the first thing everyone does once this pandemic is over. We still can travel to some countries by following some requirements from CDC. But, for the sake of everyone’s goodness, it will be better to postpone it until everything is much better.

When that time comes, there are some tips we should remember to have a safe and great traveling experience. Let’s face the truth that bad things happen sometimes, even though we already do our best to prepare it well.

25 Tips To Have Safety Travel

The list of best tips information below is done by a travel expert who has been traveling for more than 10 years all around the world.

  1. Pay attention and study how common travel scams usually deceit travelers.
  2. Take note of some emergency info so that when bad things happen, you know exactly who to call.
  3. Keep checking The State Department website to get to know the newest news.
  4. Pay attention to your belongings, especially the expensive ones. Make sure to put them in the right and safe place in your bag or pocket.
  5. Travel insurance could be the best guarantee during your traveling, just in case if something happens. Especially during this pandemic, travel insurance is a must.
  6. Get help from locals will help you a lot to know about the new places you visit.
  7. Register yourself to your Embassy is another smart tip for the traveler to do so that the local embassy will help you immediately if something bad happens to you.
  8. Make sure that your family or trusted friends know about your traveling plan. That way is giving them information about what you will do during the traveling.
  9. Don’t talk too much with strangers because you never know if they are really good or having another plan to trick you.
  10. Never do stupid things just for photos.
  11. Make sure you have spared your budget during the travel.
  12. Choose proper clothes while traveling so that you won’t look like a “very visitor” to avoid getting attention from the wrong kind of people.
  13. Tether your bag to your leg or waist will make it safer to prevent robbery.
  14. Mastering basic self-defense will make you able to protect yourself.
  15. Stay alert, head up and aware of the surrounding will not make you an easy target for attackers because you look confident.
  16. Tell your back where will you go so that there will not be a problem when you take your money from different places during your travel.
  17. Keep hiding emergency cash for safety.
  18. Prepare an emergency food and drink.
  19. Spend your money wisely.
  20. Don’t use your back pocket!
  21. Try to get new friends even when you are traveling alone because it is safer to travel in a group.
  22. Never forget the first aid kit!
  23. Don’t’ get drunk or you will lose your awareness.
  24. Believe your instincts!
  25. Prefer choosing safe places to visit, especially for women to minimize problems that might happen.