Tips and The Recipe of Cold Potato Salad

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Who does not love potatoes?! Potato is one of the vegetables that can be cooked to be lots of dishes. One of the most popular dishes made from potatoes is French fries that become the main dish in many popular restaurants. Besides, it also contains lots of beneficial substances for our body.

Potatoes contain high-quality protein that our body needs. It also has vitamins, minerals, potassium and vitamin C. No wonder why lots of people like to make a delicious meal from potatoes. Here is one of the best dishes from potatoes you can try at home.

Tips To Make The Best Potato Salad

  1. Pick the best main ingredient

Make sure to choose the best potato to make a good potato salad. There are lots of variety of potatoes you may choose such as Fingerling, New Potatoes and Yukon Gold. Make sure to choose the variety of potatoes that is best for you.

  1. Season the water

Seasoning the water will make your potatoes taste like an ocean. Lots of flavours will come from this step. It will give a rich flavour to the core of your potatoes because the salt water helps to flavour the potatoes.

  1. Cook the potato from cold water

Don’t put your potatoes into the pot while the water is already boiling. That will make your potato uncooked. Instead, put the potatoes into the pot while the water is still cold. That way will make the potatoes cooked completely.

  1. Dress while it is warm

The best food dressing is done while it is warm. If you like to dress your meal, do it while it is still warm to make sure that your meal will absorb the topping you add completely.

How To Make Cold Potato Salad

Cold potato salad is one of the best dishes to have along died with Barbeque. Especially during the hot day in the summer season, this dish will make your day perfect. Here are the ingredients you should prepare.


  • 6-8 large potatoes
  • 12 teaspoon salt
  • Mayo or Miracle Whip
  • 2 tablespoons Dijon Mustard
  • Chopped fresh chives -optional-


  1. Do not need to peel the potatoes, just directly wash and cut them into bite-size pieces.
  2. Pour water into a pan and boil the potatoes until soft. Then drain it and let it cool.
  3. Add a half teaspoon salt and Miracle Whip. If you like whip cream that much, you can add more, but if you do not like it, just add a bit.
  4. Add Dijon Mustard, the ultimate ingredient, and mix it well. Add to your liking.
  5. Add the chopped fresh chives as a topping or you can mix it as well.
  6. Let it cool, serve and enjoy your cold potato salad!

Those are some simple steps to make your cold potato salad. This dish is perfect for your summer and beyond. Potato salad is more than just food because it brings beautiful old memories for some people. Now, you can cook a memorable dish that reminds you of the warmth of your family.