Traveling Tips from 10 Year of Experience Traveller

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Do you like to challenge yourself to visit new places? It is always surprising how amazing things we can find during traveling. New places, new people, new language, new habits, new culture, everything is new and it never stops surprising us. Get out of our comfort zone is indeed making us anxious but we will never know what waits for us unless we try it.

Many people may think that traveling might be so dangerous because those unexpected things might happen. But is not it the value of traveling? If we prepare well and be careful during the trip, hopefully, everything will be under control.

Traveling Tips Of 10 Year Experience

Being a tourist in a new place might feel so anxious yet exciting. To prevent those kinds of unexpected things, we should prepare everything. Here are some tips for the traveler who wants to travel all around the world from a travel expert who has been experiencing 10 years of experience.

  1. Tips to Make Traveling Fun and Easy
  • Be Patience

Patience is the key to make traveling fun and easy because we know that something may happen beyond our expectations. No matter how perfect the preparation is, but sometimes things happen out of control. Take an example if you miss your bus or it is a downpour when you already prepare everything to camp outside.

That such thing may happen and all we have to do is calm down. Just let things happen and keep relax. Whatever is it, there must be a way to solve those problems. The problem will only get worse when we are panic. So just take a deep breath and calm down.

  • Enjoy the magic of dawn

Tourism is usually a crowded place during the day, especially when it is a holiday. Try something new by waking up before the sunrise to avoid the crowds. You will be surprised to see something you may find out during that time.

The magical time before the sunrise presents you calmness and beauty that only you could not find at another time. Enjoy the silence of nature while everyone is sleeping.

  • Look around closer

Meaningful traveling is about getting important values from new places and people. Slow down your mind and take your time to sit down and enjoy the surrounding. You may sit on the side of the road, watching and paying close attention to the details around you.

Look closer at the colors, the smell, the sound, and how people interact with each other. You will be surprised at how things go around you all this time but you never noticed before.

  1. Tips to Plan the Trip Well
  • Learn some foreign words

You do not need to be a language expert to be able to travel to another country. However, there are some words in the local language that can improve your travel experience. For instance; thank you, sorry, please, nice to meet you, hello, excuse me, those are necessary words that you need to learn.

That way, it will give you more opportunities to be closer with locals because it must be frustrating to not be able to communicate. That is true that you could use body language, but it will be better if you understand some simple local words.

  • Prepare the backup cards and cash

Having only one card during the trip is a disaster. No one is expecting to get a problem such as cards stolen, card get frozen or card gets eaten by ATM. It is better prepared than sorry. Always have the backup cards with you while traveling.

You need to put it somewhere else besides your wallet. Just in case if someone steals your wallet, you still have the backup cards. It is not only cards but also cash. Let’s say that you travel somewhere that does not provide you with ATM, you already have your cash!

  • Be flexible yet don’t over plan

Being strict and stick to the plan sometimes give you more pressure. If you enjoy and have something to learn in that place, you can stay a little bit longer there. Open your mind and be flexible to learn something new and beneficial for you, yet don’t over plan.